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I'm looking for a blueprint for an off-grid solar power system with a gas generator back-up. The system needs to be able to power small appliances such as light, fridge, toaster. Thanks a lot for your recommendation.


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The top of the page is a good place to start
DIY solar blu prints .
A lot of guys here use all in one systems , when I built my system there where not a lot of these around .
I use out back equipment but any first tier equipment would work .
If I was buying today I would be looking at Schneider equipment .
I would stick with one manufacture for the inverter charge controler battery monitor
Solar panels and battery’s could come from any wear .
Any on line solar equipment supplier could build you a system that can do what you want , they have engineers sitting around all day figuring this stuff out .
Samlex makes a nice inverter charger with lots of good features .