Bluetti EB55 with HQST 190w Panel


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Apr 1, 2021
I'm looking to get a Bluetti EB55 and it says it can accept 12-28V/8A solar charging with 200w max. I'm trying to decide which solar panel to get to charge it. I do not want to pay $500 for the Bluetti 200w solar panel if I can get basically the same performance with a $170 HQST 190w panel as this will just be mounted on a pole and not mobile so no need for a folding panel, but is it worth paying $250 for a 200w Renogy solar panel for the extra voltage? All 3 panels appear to be in the safe zone of 12-28V and I'm assuming the power station just limits the input to 8 amps, so realistically they are all going to be around 160 watts and not 200 watts. What do you all think would be best. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Bluetti 200w Solar Panel Specs:
VOC - 24v
VMP - 20v
IMP - 10A

Renogy 200w Solar Panel Specs:
VOC - 27v
VMP - 22.6v
IMP - 8.85A

HQST 190w Solar Panel Specs:
VOC 24.3v,
VMP 20.3v,
IMP 9.3A


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Jul 3, 2020
Found this thread because I'm interested in getting the HQST panels.

Guessing you've probably made your decision already. FWIW, though... I would've gone with the HQST panel. I don't know that there's an extra $80 in value buying the Renogy panels. The extra cost you're paying could get you halfway to a second HQST panel, and you're only getting a marginally better wattage rating (and maybe better support - I've never dealt with them, personally).