BMS charge double check please


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Nov 7, 2020
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Thank you in advance!

Float according to the MPP LV6048 screen of 54.6 was netting 3.2 at the cells, seems too low. For a few cloudy days, the inverter shutoff at 48v about 3am.

This BMS spec sheet (vendor finally sent one) show
balance starting at 3.5v
overvolt at 3.75
overdischarge at 2.2v which from what I get is already at the damaging stage.
Is there another LifeP04 voltage for 18650s maybe? This makes it seem like the BMS is expecting 58 volts continuously. This BMS is not a smart and I cannot adjust any settings.

Actively charging 30a from inverter
Inverter Float V on screen V at battery
55.4 3.47
55.2 3.46
2 Cells were about .2v different.

(Solar panels disconnected for 15s)
53.7 3.36

Batteries 8hrs later, continuous L1/L2 combined load of 600w (2 led shop lights, RV lights, pellet heater, 2 min microwave use)/inverter shows 10% load.
Battery: 52.6
Cells: (8) 3.29. (4) 3.28

Batteries are 280ah 16s (13kw) and about 5 months old. All were within .01v when received,

You guys are awesome. I can't wait to actually have enough knowledge to help people out for right now I have to be the info leach though :)


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