BMS for 48V LiFePO4 300Ah with Growatt off grid


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Jan 10, 2022
The people here were so helpful with a query I had a while back I thought I'd ask for your advice again.

I am upgrading from a 24V system with an Overkill Solar 100A BMS to a 48V system.

Cells are Catl 302Ah x 16. So approx 15Kw.

Inverter will be Growatt SPF5000ES off grid.

Pv is 415w x 14 in 7serial 2parallel configuration.

Please suggest me a good BMS. Happy to spend what is required for something of quality. Looking for value in capability re settings etc. Not particularly interested in wifi. Would actually be ideal to not have wifi or removable wifi (health reasons). Bluetooth is ideal or cable comms.

Located in Australia however happy to purchase from anywhere.

Thanks in advance. Perhaps a 16s Overkill (or from Alibaba oem) may be the most suitable but the wealth of knowledge here is amazing.

Thank you for reading
Since you're happy with the Overkill Solar 24v 8s BMS, I would stick with that brand and use their 16s BMS.

That's a lot of watts coming from your PV. Make sure the charge amps to the battery don't exceed what the BMS is capable of.
Thank you.
Looking around at options and end user reviews I came across the JK BMS with 2A active balancer. Understand it is branded as Heltec as well.
Any feedback appreciated