Branch connector in parallel setup not doubling amps?


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Aug 4, 2021
My point about using clamp-on is to not to disturb the wiring at much as possible until you narrow down close to the suspected location,

I agree for the most part. However, you can't always get a clamp meter where you need to easily (like in my case where the Y connectors are under the panel). Also, not everyone has a DC clamp meter. Many only do AC. Early in in this tread I assumed it was an AC only clamp meter, and that is why the probes were being used.


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Mar 8, 2021
I think you have something wonky for one.

Second, your descriptions sound like you missed the step of testing branch connectors at alternate legs.

Third I’m not sure you addressed the significance of this question:

You have 6 series strings, right? Series doesn’t increase amps, just volts. Then you have 6 parallel connections. So the voltage maintains at string voltage and your amps should be times six of a pair.

If all six pairs are wired the same and all six are having wonky readings then something is magnificently wrong with the wiring or your description isn’t accurate to your setup.

Not sure what part wasn't clear. This is a massive parallel system - NOTHING is in series. And yes I am familiar with doubling voltage vs amps (aka series vs parallel)