Bus bars question


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You probably could. Here is another idea.

I am using those exact bus bars on my MotorHome. Because I wanted my 4/0 wires to pass as much current through if I ever need to boost the chassis battery. I just stacked the main in and main out 4/0 wire lugs on the same bus bar terminal. Then used the other ones for solar, etc.


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I’d be cautious trying to push that much current through a 5/16 lug no matter the bus bar, lots of cheap 5/16 lugs out there. Looks like 3/8 would be better.


I See Electromagnetic Fields!
Consider a Blue Sea busbar, also rated 250A but made of copper (not brass) and probably has larger cross section.
At 1 lb. for a single 6-stud bar vs. 1 lb. for two 4-stud busbars, must have more metal.



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I want to know if I can double up on bus bars to get more amps?
This is a 250a bus bar, if I remove the metal plate can I add that plate to another bus bar to get more amps?

I'm with Hedges on the Blue Sea,
although whenever I see some movement
on my batteries, I'm going to order these.
Kinda expensive, but should be worth it.