BYD Lifepo4 Voltage for storing


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Hii everyone,

I've researched a little bit just wanted to double check at what voltage it's OK to store BYD lifepo4 batteries from the large used lot selling through battery hookup.

I just received my batteries and they measure 23.6 & 23.9, this shouldn't be an issue if I've understood right but I'm not going to be able to charge nor hook up these batteries for 2 months so I was wondering if storing them at this voltage is going to harm them or if 2 months more doesn't matter as they've probably already been at this SOC for ages.

Also, without them being charged, can they be stored at 32F or below? (the storage unit isn't heated).



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Can store below 32f, just never charge at or below that temp. you will be fine storing them for 3-4 months with no charge. Dosnt hurt to disconnect the BMS inside. It wont draw power but **** happens.