Can a 240watt panel power a 1300watt a/c?


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Hypothetically, if I have a 240watt solar panel on my RV and at 12v, doesn't that equate to 2880watts? I have a ~1300watt dometic rooftop a/c. Can someone break down the math for me why that solar panel (under ideal sun) wouldn't be able to power that a/c *and* charge whatever is in excess to the battery? I remember when I started doing the research, someone had spec'd out that I needed 3 x 240watt panels for whatever reason and I'm trying to comprehend.


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So, if you need the ac to operate for 10 hours 50%on, 50% off, ya need 507Ah bank.
To solar power that you need 1300W solar panels.


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No for any way to keep you cool through the day unless you only needed to turn it on for a few minutes, but then you'd probably not need A/C at all.

By the end of the year I will have 2000 watts of panels for my RV and I don't think that will be enough to power one of my Dometic 15k BTU units on my roof without losing power.