Can I get some feedback on my current solar plan


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Hello, after shopping around I think I figured out what products and configuration I am interested in going with. So I want to see if I am not missing anything before I pull the trigger.

Solar panels
All of these options should fit on my roof, so I was hoping to maximize the watts of the system.

Option 1 = Currently sold out, but if it was in stock I would grab 6 of these panels. I planned on wiring 2 panels in series and the 3 pairs in parallel with each other.

Option 2 = This is the next option for me. I would buy 8 of these panels, and wire with 2 in series and 4 pairs in parallel

Charge controller/all in one
Since in theory I am planning on 2000+ watts I figured I would go to a 48v system. So here is my desired all in one.
Option 1:
Option 2:

2 of these 48v batteries

For background, I am refurbishing a camper trailer for full time living. I work from home on a “gaming desktop” So I generally expect it to be running 16+hrs a day at around 350 watts. I also plan on installing a residential fridge or chest freezer which would run 24/7.I am playing around with the idea of using a dedicated inverter for higher efficiency for this 24/7 usage. However I am more focused on the meat and potatoes of the system.

I would like to be able to run an AC as well, however I don’t think my current planned wattage would be enough. So I am still planning around that. If I did do AC it would be some kind of mini split. And I would make sure to run a generator at startup to handle the large initial load.

I also plan on buying a 48v to 12v converter for this system.

I will be mounting the panels to unitrack attached with a combination of screws and VHB tape. The panels will also be cabled together, and I am thinking about throwing some cargo netting on top of everything during moves. All of this to ensure I don’t kill someone with the panels.

I am budgeting ~5000$ for this and the 3 possible configurations work for that. I will be using the appropriate gauge of wiring and connectors.

I might buy another battery later down the line, but I was figuring this might work for the time being.

Any help is appreciated. I am mostly concerned with compatibility. Some of these items are out of stock but I can wait a few months for the actual item. However I wanted to make sure the items worked just in case they do come in stock or I find at a better price
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Just one comment, I have 40 of the Santan Solar used 250 watt panels. They're great panels, but they are used and my experience is that they behave more like 200 watt panels.

Panels are so cheap right now I'd advise getting new panels. I just bought 24 of the REC 370 watt panels from them, their efficiency per square meter is much higher, so you can get a lot more power out of the roof of your camper, which is your big constraint. The 370 panels are only a few inches longer than the 250/200 watt panels and put out a lot more power, and they're $165 right now.

My other advice is don't be cheap. Invest in quality gear, it will save you money in the long run. I use Midnite Classic charge controllers and Samlex EVO inverters, they're by no means the cheapest, but they just run and run with zero issues or problems. Check out the prices at on Samlex inverters, they're quite a bit cheaper than any other source I've found. Most all of the issues you see people having here on the forum are from going on Ebay or Aliexpress and looking for the cheapest unit that claims to meet their needs, you don't see many threads asking for help with quality gear, for a reason.