Can someone tell me the difference between EPEVER 40a MPPT Contollers?


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I see one has what looks like a better heat protection but is that the only difference? Are the terminal inputs the same and as sturdy? Am I missing something? Thank you...


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One is available with built in display...
One has positive ground, one has negative ground.

which ones are you comparing?


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Thank you for the reply. I am comparing the Tracer 4215BN with the Tracer 4210AN. Both include the MT50 remote meter.
I believe I see why now. One is 100v input vs 150v and the 150v looks built better. Will suggests the 150v version in a video. Thanks...


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I have a couple of EPever SCCs. they are rock solid. The BN is their top of the line and all are programmable for any lithium config you need. The BN is heavy duty with heat sinks and cast aluminium case. The AN seems to be light weight by comparison, but still up to the task. if you are not trying to tax everything you can get out of your supply. these are lower cost and close to "bullet proof".
Victron has a low temp monitor that works great, but those are triple the price while a heater is much less for a high energy system (a minor tax for low temp operation). I have a small Tesla powered system they charge, and it is" Overkill", but --- I feel pretty good with them.
I may be wrong, but I do not think we have to have the "cutting edge" to put a solar collection system together.
Sorry if I have offended anybody.


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Re: EPEVER 4215BN vs 4210AN


I just joined the diysolarforum last week and am about to purchase either the Tracer 4215BN or Tracer 4210AN.
(Although I am still considering a more expensive Victron)

I plan on putting the battery bank and controller in a tight closed space with the existing OEM converter in my teardrop trailer and am worried about heat buildup.

The 4215BN has almost identical spec as the 4210AN with the exception of the rated voltage (150 vs 100) and physical construction.
The 4215BN is a common negative design not a positive one as someone mistakenly reported. I believe an older version was common positive but
the newer model(s) are negative. (See attached datasheets) The BN is also slightly larger than the AN (12" vs 10"), but width and depth are virtually the same.

The BN is all aluminum with (I'm guessing) a better heat sink design as someone mentioned.
The BN is $50 more on Amazon ($198 vs $148) with the MT-50 kit.
Plus an extra $25 for the Bluetooth dongle.

As of now I'm leaning toward the 4215 BN for heat dissipation reasons and will probably spent the extra $50 and buy it this week.

Any more comments or info on this topic?




  • EPEVER TRACER AN Series Data Sheet.pdf
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  • EPEVER TRACER BN Series Data Sheet.pdf
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I don't own either of these but I believe you can only use either the MT50 or the BT dongle, just one of them at a time so no sense in buying both IMHO.

I note that the AN model can discharge 40a and the BN only at 20a.

You have noted that the BN can handle 50v greater PV array.

The BN also weighs a bit more, the "beefier" unit.

I'll bet you would be fine with either. IF you may want to series connect extra panels I would choose the BN since it can handle an array up to 150v.


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What is discharge current? I understand that the charge current refers to the max current from the controller to the batteries.
What limitation does a 20A discharge current have vs 40A?


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Discharge current most often refers to the current passing through the load terminals when discharging the batteries through the SCC instead of through an inverter or DC directly (skipping the SCC).


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I have the epever Triron 40a, it has a low temp sensor, and lithium profile options. It's has a modular design, I use the rs485 output to remotely read parameters (via microcontroller /w WiFi)). Overall can recommend it, been working for over 2 years without problems


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I am using the EPEVER Tracer 4215BN it's a later design and stays cool. If you want to use a MT50 or wifi as well as the USB you can add the eLog01 which stores data for a couple of months to be downloaded onto computer as well as breaking out the RS485 to a RS485 and a USB outlet.
The eLog01 sells for about $30-40