Can we get a Dark Mode?

yes I've searched it. Posting this thread just to keep the administrator aware that there is an ongoing demand for it. Yes I know there are browser plugins, but they dont always work great.
@Will Prowse Would it be possible to have the option of a Dark Mode. Please?

In my case browsers wreak havoc with OLED displays. Recently I noticed some burn in on my 55" OLED TV.

I am using an older tablet to browse for now. Hopefully the burn in is soft burn in and will resolve over time. I also agree with the others about the need for Dark Modes are much easier on the eyes.
Still trying to find a way to have it as an option. I can change the whole site to dark mode, but not sure people would like that. I cant find a way to make an option. Unless we get people to have their own dark theme browser add-ons. Can you guys find an option?

Perhaps a theme switcher?
"........ A recent poll suggests that light designs are preferred by the general web-going audience by a whopping 47%. The main reason is readability. Most people don’t like viewing light text against a dark background on websites because it strains their eyes, making for a much less enjoyable experience. By contrast, 10% of those surveyed said that they always preferred dark backgrounds for websites, while another 36% said that the best choice would depend on the type of website............"

Perhaps a theme switcher?
I can't download it. Where is that available?
Ill give this a try.

I've tried other 'colour switcher' plug-ins for chrome and firefox. While they do an OK job, they frequently 'interpret' a part of a website wrong resulting in certain text/information/controls not being readable/usable and/or they screw up the formating of the page.
"In order to download resources or read tutorials, you must be a licensed XenForo customer.
If you can't download, enter your forum username in the Associated Forum Users form in your customer area."

I know nothing about XenForo, but I know a lot about web services/systems.
Yeah I'm well aware. After I login, it doesn't allow me to download it. I also bought and pay for the full xenforo suite with all licenses.

I think it's because that app isn't updates to work with the latest version of xenforo.
This came up before:

and before that:

The reason it's not on here yet is not that I forgot - it's that it's not so easy. There are themes that implement a dark mode, but at least one I was looking at is no longer maintained etc. The theme switcher is only one aspect of this, and also broke with the latest version of Xenforo. Some of the themes break things so I have to spend quite some time finding a theme, testing it (on a duplicate site, not the live one) etc.

I will try to find the time to look into it again in more detail...