Can you connect 2 separate batteries16s Daly BMS's via usb / uart to same computer, how do you setup coms?


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Feb 16, 2021
I have 2 16s 48v Daly BMS's, the first battery has been set up and running a few months, being monitored via UART using PCMaster BmsMonitor V1.2.8 I just completed assembly of the second battery also 16s 48v and I want to connect it the same way, monitor it through the program. My computer is showing both ports (Com 7 and Com 8 in my device manager. PcMaster has a flip down list called "BoardNo" showing numbers 1-16 so in my mind it appears that what I want to do is supported. I have tinkered with " serial port set" and the "can set" boxes but no luck. If anyone knows the process to monitor both at the same time......... TYIA