Can you recommend a DTC?


Solar Enthusiast
Aug 9, 2020
Several years ago, I converted off of my oil fired hydronic system. In doing so I had a bunch of leftover parts (hydronic coils, indirect water heater, etc.) I kept all of it hoping to do a solar thermal setup somewhere down the line and I finally picked up some cheap new/old stock flat plates and a 5 gallon water heater to use as a drain back system.

I'm excited about all of this. The heat pump water heater is pretty efficient so this is really more for fun than anything. I'll be plumbing it in using Uponor Pex to heat the indirect tank which sits prior to the heat pump water heater. I'm also going to install a radiant heat loop as a dump off to add some comfort to the master bath floor tiles while losing some of that heat into the basement.

My parts are mostly gathered now and I'm only missing one before I start installing. Is there a recommended differential temperature controller to finish my setup? All said and done, I'm only out of pocket about $350 right now so I'm not heavily invested and I'd like to keep it that way as well.