Canadian buyer hoping I don't get dinged by Customs import duties shipping from China


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Yes I got my prismatic LiFePo4 cells about a month ago.

I assembled them with a BMS and have them installed now.

I can't really vouch for the capacity of the cells. I feel like it may be quite a bit lower than advertised, but I'm not sure because I am using conservative cutoff values to stop charge and discharge quite early. I got around 170AH with my settings.

I'm happy with the cells so far. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to pay any additional fees.

I also added some thermal heating pads to the battery and use a temperature probe connected to an arduino along with a mosfet to turn the heating pads on and off. With this I have been able to keep my cells at 10C in -15C weather and will be able to charge the batteries throughout the winter without any damage occuring. The BMS also has a low temperature disconnect but with the charging pads I can simply rely on that as a backup feature to protect the battery in case the heating pad circuit fails.