Cause of Battery Fire


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Jul 24, 2021
Heat detectors come in two general forms, one uses a fusible link which melts at a predetermined temperature, then there are dual function type, which use a chamber with a small pinhole to activate on rate of temperature, they too incorporate a fusible link, making them dual purpose, the application depends on environmental conditions.

Smoke detectors also fall into two categories, photo electric and ionization, both can detect smoke, but one may be more sensitive to the particular type of smoke generated, as for the smoke generated for from a LiFePo4 fire, I can't, ar this time definitively answer that question, without further research.

Basically what I'm alluding to is, don't assume because there are protections installed, they will work as intended.

BTW, I am qualified in fire alarm inspection and testing.


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Jun 1, 2021
I don't see any way to use a smoke detector for an externally mounted battery box on a diesel. It would need to be incredibly well sealed to keep out all of the water and particulates. Otherwise it would trigger all the time or foul the sensor.
Single stage heat detector is all I think might work, too much heat rise on a hot interstate drive to use a standard heat rise at 135 degrees. My tires are regularly over that on a long daytime drive in the west.