Cells venting, normal or not?


Dumb Dumb
May 12, 2020
I tried that, that's why I asked the QR code. These are BLS branded batteries, and nowhere is another manufacturer stated. I think they might be CATL based on the design of the terminal and another couple of hints, but not 100% sure.
Yeah we know BLS in not a battery manufacturer. But they surely know the brands of cells they are selling and should be willing to let anyone know the brand if asked. Regardless I will not be convinced any venting and or leaking is normal unless stated by the manufacturer :)

I don't know anything about any manufacturers customer support except the bit of interaction I had with EVE. But it wouldn't hurt for the OP to contact the manufacturer once known, include the reply they received from BLS, and ask if venting is normal. It's concerning for sure and I would be very hesitant to use these cells especially in an RV.

Besides, if leakage is normal, as BLS states and the reasons they give, then why are only 2 of the 8 cells showing leakage?

I do recall the leaky Lishen cells and it was not normal. I am resigned in my belief nothing should come out of the vent/pressure valve unless there is a catastrophic failure. We have seen many severely bloated cells and nothing came out of the vent. And I remain puzzled by that.