charge controllers that have low temp protection?


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Oct 23, 2022
been researching SCC that have low temp cutoff/protection (so i can use budget lifepo4 batteries) these are the ones ive found so far

any victron smart SCC + smart battery sense $30 these look great but are expensive & rely on bluetooth ( i don't trust bluetooth i don't have confidence in it)

epever AN series 10amp-40amp possibly others in the AN series you have to use a PC and there rs485 usb cable to enable it though from what ive read

HSQ 60amp SCC this seems great for the price but the one video i found it does take a whole minute to shut off charging at low temp don't know if thats something to worry about in a real world setting also not sure if its user adjustable to change the temperature cutoff degrees? on there website they state only the 60amp version has this feature but theres a video on youtube showing that the 20amp & 40amp version also have it so do your own research

If anyone knows of another SCC that has this feature please let me know
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I’ve discovered that Helios is the OEM manufacturer for HSQ,litime,redodo
20,40,60 amp charge controllers

Helios model # M4860N is the 60amp version
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