Charge from 30amp or 50amp RV circuits?


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Jul 30, 2021
A general question. When designing vehicle mounted systems in North America do people have to choose between 30amp 120v (ie the TT-30 plug) or the 50amp split-phase 240 (ie the NEMA 14-50 plug)?

Many of the all-in-one inverter chargers appear not to accept 120v power for charging, and I saw the recent discussion about the newer Victron Multiplus that can accept either input (

I guess there are two questions here: 1) Charging, 2) Pass-through.

I'm not worried about pass-through power (or at least not for 240 split phase, 120v would be nice just to save battery cycles), it's more that I want to be able to charge from TT-30 connectors but also benefit from the higher wattage available in the 50amp connections. We would usually get a 30amp site if staying overnight, but I anticipate times that it would be great to charge quickly from a 50amp circuit before heading back out for boondocking.

As a bonus I'd like to be able to charge from J1772 car chargers, which look to provide 208-240 single phase (

So ... is accepting all of 120v, 240v split-phase, and 208-240 single phase something that one can expect from the "all-in-one" units from MPP, Growatt, Victron etc?) Or does that requirement suggest a separate "universal" charger (or a charger/inverter)? If that's right, do people use those in addition to the "all-in-one" systems, or do they just not wire up the AC input for the "all-in-one"?