Charging power tool battery with SCC?


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If thats a ni cad battery DO NOT mess with anything other than the OEM charger. Ni cads are prone to thermal runaway, too much current or voltage, they heat up. The hotter they get internal resistance drops, they get hotter. The result is a violent explosion and cadmium dust raining all over. I know this for fact as its happened to me, an AA size single battery exploded like an m-80, lucky I was on the other side of the room. Cadmium is very toxic.


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The DC-DC converter option above might be cheaper and more efficient:


Wide range input voltage, adjustable output voltage and current. Likely less efficiency losses compared to an inverter.

14.5*.2 = 29W... brick inefficiencies and inverter inefficiencies at such a low power might be huge.
14.5*.2 = 29W ?? actually 14.5*.2 = 2.9W. Have you measured what current is actually drawn by original mains charger. Anything over 2.9W is loss from charger circuit. Probably not much.
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