Charging profile for 18650


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I have a 40a Tracer-BN MPPT charge controller and a battery wall consisting of 4s 18650 cells (80 parallel in each bank) for a 14.8v battery as a "12v" system.

I am looking for the right charge profile settings for the controller. Right now I'm thinking a max voltage of 16.5, but I am not sure the charging voltages and etc.

I have been searching this form and coming up dry so far. I'll keep looking, but does anybody have good experience or a good link I can read on charge profiles for 18650 14.8v systems?

Thank you.


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Don't exceed 15v but I would keep your over charging under 14.7v ever pack i make i make sure all batteries are at half charge and the low voltage no lower then 11.7v after testing each battery capacity match i then recharge to around half 12.8v give or take but making sure there close then after I finish making pack using bms to finish charging pack