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Nov 4, 2021
Hey all,
I have 4 SOK 100AH batteries (LIFEPO4).

I don't have my solar setup yet, but am occasionally charging these.

It's been a while since I charged them.

3 of them are down to 13.1 v. Is this normal? How can I find out what % of charge is remaining in them?

I'm using my Victron Blu Smart Charger IP22.

13.1 might be normal. Not too soon to charge but not urgent either.

13.1 is close to 40% charged.
Thx guys....
@MisterSandals.....where would I be able to get a full size copy of this? It's very handy.

Also, what would be the normal bleed off for this type of battery over time without being used and only being in storage?

Should it be topped off every 3 months, 6 months?

You really want to store them at about 40-50% SOC.
When they drop to 20% SOC then charge back to 50%.
As for the time interval it is dependent on cell quality, the temperature they are stored at and a few other factors. I suggest marking down how many months it takes first time around and then use that figure.
It should be at least 7-9 months before it drops by 30%.
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