Chins heated battery vs SOK with a DIY heating solution


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Jun 9, 2020
I was originally going to build a 48V pack with the Lishen 272 cells via the group buy, but that all fell through Now I just assume any alibaba/express order has more than a 50% chance of disappointing me, so I am looking at turnkey solutions. My issue is that I am putting solar on some recreation property up north, and the pole shed is not heated. It will get COLD. I just got Starlink and am hoping to monitor the property remotely, so I need a battery that can last the night. CHINS has a 200AH 12V battery that I think should work ok from a capacity perspective, but I haven't seen anyone vouch for the heated units. I was thinking of also just adding a 12V heating pad under the unit and encasing it in polystyrene in the winter months.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Bob B

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Sep 21, 2019
I personally would stick with DIY ... If you are in a hurry, I think there are a couple of sellers now who have US stock and good results have been reported.
One is the 302 ... maybe 304 AH cells tested by Off-Grid-Garage .... another is some cells purchased by Stepandwolf from basen.
You should be able to find them with a search.

Edit .... one of the Stepandwolf threads is here.

The off-grid-garage video .... here...
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