Cold weather batteries


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Lead acid are still the best for Temps down to -40 degrees f I have 6 rolls 550 batteries and have 3 -100 watt panels mounted vertically on my camp wall so as not to collect snow keeps batteries warm all winter.


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Not arguing the point. I'm just noticing some issues:

6X 550 in 2S3P for 12V, 1284Ah?

If so, you're doing them harm. The Rolls manual cautions against charging below 0.05C as it can encourage sulfation.

300W/15V = 20A - well below the minimum 64.2A Rolls recommends.

If you're just storing them, fine, that's more than enough to float them, but I hope you're using temperature compensation.

I'm curious how they're being kept warm. FLoating with 300W of solar isn't going to contribute significantly to their warmth.