Converting existing Solar System to Geyserwise (South Africa)


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Dec 14, 2020
I currently have an ongoing problem with my 10 year old solar geyser setup. It's a direct/pump configuration with cross-section tube array. What would it cost me (approx) to replace the old control box and display panel with a geyserwise system while retaining the existing 200L geyser and tube array?

I need to get the following done:

* Shut off main water supply to house.
* Remove all copper pipes at geyser.
* Install pipes according to the relevant SANS regulations.
* Install new double drain cock with banjo valve.
* Remove existing circulation pump.
* Install new circulation pump.
* Install Geyserwise MAX.
* Set times according to client's needs.
* Install PV panel.
* Install cables for geyserwise display.
* Remove tiles of roof.
* Install cables through ceiling.
* Reinstall tiles of roof.
* Test.

* R1 Lagging
* Grundfos circulation pump
* Copper pipe
* Copper fittings
* Lever valves
* Dual drain cock
* Banjo valve
* Geyserwise MAX
* Speaker cable
* PV panel
* 2.5 geyser cable
* Vacuum breakers
* Vacuum tubes

What should I be paying for the above work?