Cooled battery box


Nov 18, 2019
Has anyone put their LiFePo batteries in a fridge?

Listening to a Will video, the effect of keeping the batteries in the 65-75F zone, along with keeping them in the upper middle charge state is dramatic.

A small fridge, maybe on a timer to run during the sunny hot hours could be run off real time solar (mostly) and thereby not cycle the batteries. Seems worth doing.
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Jim Burrow

Solar Addict
Jun 27, 2020
What I almost did, this past summer (I live in California with an average temp in the high 90's or more all summer) but didn't get around to it was to put my battery inside a tub of water - and fill the tub about 3/4 to the top of the battery. Inside the tub, I would have a toilet bulb to shut off the inflow water to the tank to keep the tub topped off. But to keep the water from heating up, the output of the tub would have a house running to my wife's drip system to her garden. - Note, my battery is outside but in the shad. Although in the shad, the battery would still get over 100 degrees by early afternoon.

Hense the garden would always be watered (via the drip system) and the tub that the battery is in would stay cool as the water would always be running into it and out of it but never overflowing due to the toilet bulb thingy.

In theory, it should work, but as I said, I never got around to testing the idea out. - Note, no solar power is required to run anything like a fridge as Bluedog suggested. - But a good idea from Bluedog anyway!