Creative Wiring Question


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Sep 27, 2021
I am putting 4 100 Watt (HQST 21.6 Voc, 18 Vmp, 5.56 Imp) panels on top my RV. I will be wiring them in two groups of two (two panels in series, then both of those groups in parallel_. I have 2 more panels that I made a mobile suitcase out of. I would like to occasionally combine all 6 panels to charge my Bluetti. Since I combined the two groups of two up on the roof, I will have 36V coming down in that wire, but with ~10 Amp. Can I safely use a two string combiner (Branch Y connector) on the ground to add my suitcase panels in before going into the Bluetti without fusing the lines somewhere? So I will be combining 36V 10 Amp with 36V 5 Amp in the branch connector to give me 36V 15 amps going into the Bluetti. Has anyone ever done something like this? I'm thinking OK because the voltage is the same in theory (am I wrong)?


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Aug 14, 2020
If you mean 2S3P, that is a valid technique to combine panels. 3P will need a fuse somewhere, like an inline MC4 fuse, or circuit breakers.

THe way you describe it sounds like a 2S3P.

I don’t know the input limitations for a Bluetooth.

If this were to charge a battery, adding the ground panel through a cheap SCC Like a VIctron 75 volt/15 amp or even cheaper PWM controller would be possible.