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Custom foldable Solar Panels?


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Nov 25, 2022
I am a long time follower of Will's YouTube channel and am in the process of building out a high-spec Battle Prius/Hotel Prius/Prii Camper. What I don't want to do is install Solar on the roof, thus reducing fuel economy. I've spent hours trying to find a foldable Solar Panel that will fit in the windshield but having little luck in finding one with the right dimensions. Trying to find at or over 100W. There are plenty on them with close enough dimensions, especially smaller than 100W, but none I've found over 100W so far.

Is there a Company that will custom make a foldable Solar panel to my specific dimensions/needs? The idea is to deploy the panel in the windshield when parked to not only gain energy to feed my SOK 100Ah 12v LifePO4 but also act as a 'Sunshield' of sorts. Before anyone replies "it'd cost a fortune" I don't care about the cost, I care about a perfect fit/bespoke panel that fits my specific Vehicle and does exactly what I want from it.

Now, if nobody has found a Company willing to custom build a 1-off panel for a Customer, the next question is how hard would it be to make one DIY that doesn't look like complete ass?

Additional question, how poorly will a foldable panel produce if I just didn't fold 1 of the 4 panels out towards the Sun? Asking that because some of the 4-panel ones could possibly fit if only 3 of the 4 panels were folded flat to the windshield, with the 4 panel facing inward. Thanks for any replies/suggestions.


diy solar

diy solar