Dad Jokes (let's hear your worst! ;-)


Solar seduced :-)
I was doing a discharge test using a heater and a very large fan, when i accidentally shorted a cell with my screwdriver...

.....well the SHTF.


Solar Enthusiast
Two atoms walking down the street.
One atom get hit by an photon and falls down.
The atom gets up and says to the other atom, "Dude I think I lost and electron!"
The other atom asks, "Are you sure?"
The atom replies "Of course I am sure! I am positive!"


🌞SW sunshine =⚡️⚡️lit up thru the darkness✌️
Dad: Whose skull is that you got?
Gramps: It’s Phillip.
Dad: What are you pouring in it?
Gramps: Some vodka and orange juice.
Dad: WTF???
Gramps: What?? as he chugs it down,
You never heard of a Phillips head screwdriver? 🥳