Dad Jokes (let's hear your worst! ;-)


I grew up calling carbonated sweet beverages soda. Since I moved to the Midwest, I've been waiting for a good Flat Earth argument to POP up.

Looks like you fit in well here.

I grew up calling it pop. Quite a shock to move to Houston and have to change my vocabulary.


Solar Addict
So a guy walks into a bar carrying a bag.. strolls up to the bar, sets the bag down, orders a beer.

Bartender sees the bag moving and says "hey buddy, you can't bring animals into this establishment"..

The guy opens the bag, pulls out a miniature piano, a piano stool, and a little man in a tuxedo... The little man proceeds to sit down at the piano and start playing..

The bartender says "That's so cool, where did you find him?"

The guy reaches back into the bag and pulls out a genie bottle..

Bartender says "Wow, is that a genie bottle?"

The guy says "Yup, with a real genie too.. but he doesn't hear so good"

So the bartender picks up the genie bottle, rubs it, and says "I want a million bucks"..

Poof! Instantly, there's a million ducks in the bar.. Ducks on the tables, ducks on the floor, ducks on the counter, even ducks outside on the sidewalk.. feathers are flying everywhere and ducks are all quacking away.

The bartender says "What the hell man, I said a million bucks, not a million ducks"..

The guy says "I told you he doesn't hear so good, did you really think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?"