Daly 4S 200A does not cut-off @ cell over voltage


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May 1, 2021
Hello guys,

I am just trying to get my 4S system( 4 x 230AH Batteries + Daly 4S 200A smart bms) to work , during cell configuration and test I did realized that
Daly BMS does not cut off the charging after max cell protection voltage (set to 3.65V) is reached. Unit continues to charge the pack and cell voltage continuosly rise up to 3.7V and above . The error was raised , but charging MOS was not switched off . Any ideas what is wrong here? WIll BMS wait for the sum volt high protect ?


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Aug 15, 2020
No, something is either wrong in your settings, or the BMS is malfunctioning. Hard to tell anything with the very limited amount of information supplied.


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Mar 8, 2021
That’s in the cell's normal range and not a big deal until you get connected to your charge controller. Now 4.2V will damage it. Your charge controller set at 3.5-3.6V or 14-14.4V, quality grade A cells, matched and top balancing can keep you below 3.65V. Your cell differential is high for new cells, if you top balanced good.

Factory Setting:
BMS protect battery charge current: 400A.
BMS protect battery discharge current: 600A.
BMS protect battery charge voltage: 3.75V.
BMS protect battery discharge voltage: 2.2V.
Continuous charging current: 100A.
Continuous discharging current: 200A.
Balance voltage: 3.7V.

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Aug 28, 2020
No that is not normal at all. When daly bms detect cell high volt it gives that error message you got and should disconnect charging mosfet.

Your unit is defective. Be polite to the sales rep on daly store and ask for help. They will ask some questions and ask you to do some stuff to troubleshoot but you should get a new one replaced after that


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Nov 14, 2021
I was going to open another thread but maybe this one is worth adding on to.

I just got my battery working and while monitoring the batteries for several days, I found that one of the batteries went up to 3.7v. I checked the settings and the high voltage was at 3.5v. Pack high voltage was set to 14v.

I changed the settings even lower and discharged the battery a bit. The next day, same thing. Although I never saw the BMS go into charging mode, I suspect something was sneaking past the BMS and charging a battery.

I noticed that there was a software/firmware update for the BMS. After performing the update, my problem went away.

I guess the lesson learned is to check the unit for the latest updates and make certain you are on the newest version. Maybe, it might fix your problem. I certainly seemed to fix mine.