Daly BMS balance with no charge current


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Mar 24, 2023
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Hey there,

I’ve found a couple of equal threads but not with a solution, that’s why I’m asking.

I have 2 16s lifepo batteries in parallel.

Due to storage space on the boat they are separated in 2 packs, each with it’s own Daly BMS.
One pack with 16s2p one with 16s3p 280Ah Eve cells.
All cells has been top balanced before installation and everything has been fine for the last months.
The problem is that in one pack one cell drifts off.
The absorption phase is way too short for the little balance current that the Daly offers to get this right.
The Daly support does not answer.
Is there any way to active the balancing without charge current?
The charging voltage (absorb) is set to 56Volt. Chargers are a couple of Victron mppts. Just the time above 3,4V but below 3,5V Cell / 56 V pack Voltage is too short.

Hope for any hints, if it’s not possible to configure the active balancers should help, no?

I know that there are extra active bms for the Daily. But they I don’t have them here.
That’s why I’m asking if it is somehow possible to enable the balancing just based on voltage and not also on charging current.
Is it always the same cell? Is it possible that cell has been damaged?
I have four of the daly 16s bms's and I have not figured out how to enable the balance without charging