Daly BMS - possible to send own data to Bluetooth dongle?


A Brit in Sweden
Oct 8, 2020
59.5N, 15.5E
The Daly UART protocol is published in the resources section of this forum and from searching around I see plenty of discussion of people reading the data from the Daly BMS for purposes such as implementing their own custom battery monitoring, integration with smart home systems, etc.. My question is the reverse in a way - has anyone successfully used this protocol to send data to the Daly bluetooth module so that the data which appears in the Daly app is not that which comes direct from the BMS but rather data you send from any other battery data source?

Achieving this would open the possibility to use the low priced bluetooth dongle and free monitoring app to display SOC, cell voltage, charge rate, etc data from any battery status feed you have access to, even if it doesn‘t have a Daly smart BMS attached to it. It seems like it might in theory be possible with something as cheap and simple as an arduino and a bit of programming time, but I’d appreciate any input from people who’ve done something similar or know of a good starting point for this, such as code which could be adapted.