Daly smart BMS CAN interface


New Member
Mar 9, 2022
Hi all, I have just put together my first Lifepo4 diy battery. 16 Eve 280ah cells in series with a Daly 100a BMS.

My problem is when the BMS switches off charging the battery for any reason my Sungrow SH5K-30 inverter throws a fault.

I want to use the CAN communication form the Daly BMS to the inverter but I have not been able to find any wiring diagrams. Do you actually need to buy the Daly CAN interface module, and have the CAN output from the BMS go into the first port on the interface then output from the second port to the inverter?

My inverter is compatible with a few different server rack type battery brands including LG Chem, Pylontech, GCL, BYD and Tawaki.