Damaged cells from "liitoKala Offical Store". Can they be used?


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Hello everyone. First post here after reading a lot of info and watching videos. Finally got my cells in and disappointed in their condition. Guess I should have read more because it seams other people have had issues with this supplier.

Three out of the four cells have the top corner crushed in. Probably from shipping as the box was in rough shape, but the packaging could have been better.

They also seem used. The blue wrapping has quite a few air bubbles, black stickers on the top and bottom look hastily placed, and there is a second QR sticker over the original. Then again, they weren't advertised as new.

The voltages are: 3.309, 3.309, 3.307, 3.324. The one that is slightly higher is not the one that is not damaged.

The seller basically says they are fine to use and nothing they can do. What do you all think? What should I do?


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There isn't actually much inner cell material in the corners of the aluminum case. I would test it for capacity and under load, and if it doesn't give you any problems, it's probably fine.

That's F'ed up if they sent those to you like that, or didn't package them very well. I would still attempt to get some sort of compensation, a lot of those vendors will give you some kind of discount towards another purchase from their store.

Make sure to record / document any tests on them, AliX might just consider that cosmetic damage, and not do much, but if you can prove functional damage, you will have a better case for reimbursement.


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I ordered from them an received "damaged" cells as well; it was a battle and involved long testing until everyone agreed they were defective; even aliexpress which was directly involved...all this resulted in me getting a 50% reimbursment for the useless single cell unless I sent ALL cells back which from the US to china is several thousand dollars in shipping hehe
FYI, aliexpress "the company" is not going to be on your side in a dispute...

anyway, capacity testing it is the best way as you want it to go thru a couple charge/discharge cycles in case there are weak stress spots.
after that, wrap it up in some additional kapton tape and whatever capacity it tests out as, well, thats what is it (although it will always be "suspect" as batteries do mechanically grow and shrink with charge cycles so structural defects will show up).


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Thank you both. Sounds like I should do some more testing than I was planning on doing to make sure they aren't significantly out of spec, but probably OK in the end. That's just the risk involved in going this route, still better than paying 2-3x as much for a premade battery, and get to learn along the way. Along with kapton I think I'll get some thin rubber sheets from McMaster to place in between so those corners don't poke into each other when compressing.

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I would try doing the dispute with Ali right away and also attach the pitures of the damaged cell to see what kind of compensation you will get from them even if the cells tested out OK.


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Took a while but here's the update. Seller didn't want to offer anything besides a refund contingent on me returning the cells. Aliexpress stepped in to moderate, seller didn't respond, I got a $150 refund. I am pleased with the results.


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Have you put them in service or tested capacity yet?
Sorry for taking so long. I did get the battery assembled and put to use in my van. I need to top balance the cells though. I was going to do that at my job but ended up getting laid off and had to install the battery before being able to do that, so I don't have an external power source right now. Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon and then see how good the cells are.