Dc consumer unit busbar


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Feb 19, 2021
Putting together my consumer unit in my camper and I’m undecided on what’s suitable to use as a busbar

a standard ac copper busbar doesn’t look upto the job

Also when terminating cables in the breakers is it best to leave bare stranded copper or tin the ends or ferrules on the cables

Excuse the crappy drawing

any suggestions?


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I put ferrules on my stranded wire that went into screw down terminals. Soldering is generally discouraged in a mobile environment.
I used bare copper

Everything I watched said strip, insert, and tighten. Always thought it was so the flattened stranded wire would make a better contact.
What about this idea - take some 1 mm solid core from AC power tails, spin 3 together. The image is not a finished item - busbars need to be tightly wrapped. Then solder a nickel strip like the picture like a saddle across the top of the busbar. This can be done on the desk with a good lump of solder - BEWARE - GETS VERY HOT. Next position the busbar with tape into the correct location and spot weld the cells (this has not been done here as this is a test for the solder strength).

This is for a 7s7p 24v cell using 'recovered' LG MJ1s all around 3100 mAh. Excellent supplier in the EU - just ask me - tony@sceptreservices.co.uk


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