DFW Area, TEXAS 100Ah Lifepo4 battery cell group buy


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This group buy is for people in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metro area for local pickup ONLY. I will not be shipping these batteries out to end purchasers. If testing goes well, I may do that on a future purchase.

I know, I'm new to the forum, so if you don't feel comfortable with this group buy, then don't do it. I am going to order 8x3.2v 100Ah cells from Alibaba shipping from CN. Contacted a manufacture and got a price quote and shipping cost. I am being told these are grade "A" NEW cells, but I can't verify this. My cost per cell is just under $55 per delivered to my door in Richardson, TX with a 30 to 35 working day delivery expectation. I am not new to importing or Alibaba, as I have imported $100K+ in product using Alibaba, so I have a very established Alibaba profile.

1. Order will be placed on 7 March 2021
2. I am doing a direct pass-through of my cost of $55 per cell on this purchase.
3. Batteries will be pre-paid before ordering. If you want to meet me at my residence to make payment or just to verify I'm not scamming you, I am open to that. I can accept Venmo, Paypal (gift) or Zelle. If I do future group buys, I will re-activate my Square so I can do CC payments.
4. I will post a finalized shipping timeline once I get it from The supplier.
5. I will post updates on the shipping status and tracking numbers as soon as I have them available.
6. Pickups will be available as soon as I receive the shipment.
7. Battery pictures and specs are posted below.

Let's buy some batteries,
Todd W


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The company specializes in building battery banks with 100ah cells. They don't sell anything bigger. I am looking for a difference source for 250+ah. I am building 48v packs, so right now i prefer 100ah over anything bigger. A single cell failure will only knock out 100ah of storage, not 250+ah.


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There is a lot of demand for power backup solutions in Texas.
A no-brainer ready made battery pack with BMS at a reasonably price will sell very well.