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diy solar

Disappointing EVE 280K Results

I agree it's a slippy slope if you don't draw the line somewhere and sellers see no consequences for their actions then anything goes from then on. CeCe should get a partial refund for sure and Jenny Wu should reply back with an apology and be committed to delivering what she promised regardless.
Another BB consumer. Good luck and be well.
"Gray market", 'aftermarket', call 'em whatever you want - they're CHEAP. Enjoy or not, nobody is being 'ripped off'. This thread is a joke...I'm out. ?
End Quote
Browneye with a picture of a white man with blue eyes?
He sounds like a chinese seller with invested interests posing as a white American Buyer
I'm considering Cancelling my order with Jenny Wu after Browneye's comment Does anyone think I'm overreacting?

This is what happens when you cheerlead or cheerbash, eventually it will come to bite you in the rear.

This is why everyone should stick to facts & numbers.

That being said the grade A 280K with test report isn't all that great TBH...