DIY buss bar plus fuse set up

Mike Jordan

Solar Enthusiast
I am building a smaller solar generator/power station. I am waiting on 100ah cells to build a 4s battery. My biggest load will be (at current plan) a 500w inverter. Then I will have a SCC, and various 12v/USB connections. So nothing crazy in size.

But I am also on the hunt for a new travel trailer, which I am sure will get LFP battery and other systems upgrades. Although everything would be scaled up for the RV, I wanted to use the solar gen as my basic design prototype

I had a design idea in my head with DIY buss bars and fuses, when up pops this video on YT, (below) with the same concept I had in my head. I was excited and watched the vid. When I scrolled down to read through the description, the poster references issues with ANL fuses and no longer recommends the design, which I thought was genius for few connections and compactness

Are there brands of the ANL fuses that are known for quality control? Or maybe another fuse type to create the same concept that would be better?