DIY Fuse Holders and Distribution Busbars


Photon Sorcerer
I think the Bussman 1BS103 with 110A fuses would be a smarter choice compared to making my own.

But I will just buy the Blue Sea ones if I can find them for $50 each. I have been digging around and the prices very a lot.

There must be a shortage on fuse holders too like so many things now.
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Photon Sorcerer
I got this fuse holder, but difficult to remove cover without breaking plastic:

I just took mine off. I pushed on the cover with a screwdriver right in the center near the base and it came right off.
Shouldn't have to do that. Maybe I'll find a non metal object to use next time.
Consider this one instead, has clips to hold cover:

Alternatively, there are Class T holders one piece or two that can be spaced to fit any size. Cover not included.