DIY solar redox flow battery system build possible? How?


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Mar 28, 2022
I am slowly planning to set up a Solar work shed in Israel.
As a humble beginning I will be using flooded Lead Acid in combination with locally sourced
Panels, cheapest possible chargers and inverters.
When I finally set this up, I may very well find myself Off-Grid far away from any DIY solar or battery expertise.
That is why I'm putting together this post now.

It is an exciting though to immediately begin to experiment with a Redox flow battery solution.
The suggested ability to store excess solar power into giant secondary electrolyte tanks for later use,
more than makes up for the Wikipedia stated poor round trip efficiency of 65-75%.
The abiliity to completely shut of voltage, and zero worry about spontaneous electrolyte fires or explosions is another
sell point.
When every single part of a DIY Solar Electric System is "Home Brewed", there's less need to rely on un-fullfilled warranties,
CoViD delays, lying sales persons, faked shipping, Global poliitical destabilization etc.
The solar panels will be the main "imported" item, apart from some cheap, simple electronics that may be obtained from every
corner of the world, including Israel.
The Easiest DIY Flow battery to assemble seems to work with v2 o5 (vanadium-pentoxide), that is found to be somewhat toxic,
but is part of everyday chemical items that you can obtain for a reasonable price.
I don't have time, energy or money to put into serious "green" organic flow battery research, or be a guinea pig for such
companies, so my home brewed system will have to be an -out of reach- design for wild life and children.
I will use commonly found water circulation pumps, or fish tank pumps to begin with.

My main estimated problem will be to design and assemble the 48V so called "electrode stacks".
Do DIY solar forum have any kind of access to genius (or mortal) with similar Ideas and a project well under way?


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Mar 28, 2022
Some related threads to ponder over as a crossreference.
This list may become longer as I stumble on more Relevant DIY battery cell chemistries.
The reason I posted this thread is in the general DIY solar section is that when you look into actually manufacturing your own
battery cell chemistry, you can no longer use any arbitrary sold MPPT solar charger, BMS, or Inverter. Everything will have to be
designed from bottom and upwards

I am really impressed with Brittish Youtuber RobertMurraySmith and his prolific line of maker videos.
He should buy a proper microphone however:
This youtube video is labeled as unlisted. The content is quite fascinating, but it seems too good to be true to be able to
do a graphene double sided Die print-out of 500 leafs of A4 letter size paper, wet it with some non toxic electrolyte
and get a 60V rechargeable scooter battery pack ready to go close to a 100km as he claims with a listed follow-up.