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Hi Everyone, I'm new to renewable energy sources and solar is a good choice but wind would be a better one. I live in NL Canada and we have lots of wind near the coast will I live 100 feet from the ocean and a sloping backyard.

My question is more on the DIY side. I have a AC motor I want to convert to a Permanent magnet Alternator, but i would like to know if this is a Single phase or 3 phase. 1/2 HP 125-250VAC , 20.2A 125VAC, 10.1A 250VAC.

Please take a look at the photos and let me know or opinion on if it will lend itself to wind turbine DIY build



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There aren't enough pictures really, but based on what I see it looks like a single phase. Were there any capacitors in the motor circuit too?

Based on my opinion though, a 3-phase motor would have 3 conductors the same color and a common ground (you could check the ohms on black to each of the other conductors, they should be the same if it was 3-phase).

That switch on bottom pic is mounted inside the motor? If so it would likely be the start/run circuit switch on a single phase motor (triggered by a centrifugal actuator)...

In my opinion, if you want to toy with seeing whether it could generate any significant energy is to put a pulley on it and drive it with another motor (preferably variable speed motor if you could find one) and see what kind of outputs you could get from it first before making into a wind turbine, since you would get a lot of time into implementing a specific motor type to use for your wind generator.
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Thanks for the reply. Yes there was a capacitor. Im waiting for the magnets then i will test the output. You answered that question thank you.