Do i have a bad lifepo4 battery


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Dec 2, 2021
Do I have a bad lifepo4 battery?
System; growatt 8000mpv dmv (same as 12000) 6 lifepower4 batteries in Signature Solar rack. Batteries connected in diagonal orientation. Currently using use2 programming as suggested by S.S. BUT, I have increased the cut off voltage, changed from 46v to 47v this is important for this discussion.
Pv= 4600w of 9200 total
Charge- 58v
Float- 56.5v
Cut out- 47v
I've been running this system for about a month.

When the batteries get low, after several days of cloudy weather, one battery will turn off. (The same battery) it had been running a little behind, according to soc lights.
My first attempt to fix the issue was to top balance the batteries. This did balance all the battery soc lights. They stayed in synch after that. This is where I changed the cut out voltage from 46v to 47v thinking it would not drive the batteries so close to bms turn off power.
This morning I check on the system, expecting that my batteries would run low, due to very cloudy weather.
I have an error 61, (battery imballance out by more then 0.5v) and the same battery is off.
Question 1: how does the inverter know there is a battery imbalance, with no communication?
Question 2: how could there be a VOLTAGE imbalance when they are wired to a bus bar. Wouldn't they keep voltage equal?
My assumption would be; I either have a bad battery (or BMS in said battery ) OR I need to top balance, again.

I'm thinking of changing back to communications setting. ???