DOES ANYONE know of another used wholesaler of Solar Panels


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So my GO-TO SOLAR PANEL supply company in Dallas where we got all our 355W solar - barely used - panels for $90 is gone ... The next backup is SANTAN in Phoenix and Turner Machinery in San Paulo CA.

DOES ANYONE know of another used wholesaler of Solar Panels they can refer me to. I am needing like 200 of them soonest ... Nothing against Santan or Turner but hoping that there is something that's not 2 time zones away from me in south Texas .... YES I know both provide shipping but I have my reasons for not using their shipping ...


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Go Green Solar in Florida and New Jersey has used and new panels.
Beene Brothers in Texas has used panels. Not sure quantity.
Sun Electric in Florida and Texas is $0.38 to $0.56 per watt for new panels. I have sometimes seen used panels.

I have not bought from these places so no first hand knowledge. I just have them on my list for now.


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I've purchased from a few times with good results. Panels, batteries and some Schneider gear. They have multiple warehouse locations. Best option is to call and/or get on their email list for current pricing and availability. The last batch of panels I got were new REC with an older style connector that had been discontinued. I used the existing connectors between the panels and put new MC4 connectors on the ends of each string.

For example, on 9/7/21 their email listed used Schott 230W poly panels at $0.20/W or $46/panel. Minimum order 1 pallet of 31 pieces. 1900 available.
New Wanxiang 210W panels for $0.29/W out of Chicago, $0.39/W out of Miami. Sometimes their panels are for export only because of the import duty that was imposed a few years ago. Export only panels will be less expensive but unavailable in the States.

No relationship with Sun Electronics other than satisfied customer.