Does anyone know the "Cycle capacity" parameter value for the EVE 280AH battery in the XiaoXiang BMS app? Thanks.


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Sep 23, 2019
Please disregard my question.

Found the info in "Overkill Solar BMS manual"

3.2.2 Cycle Capacity
This parameter is used to calculate state of charge. In the real world, batteries do not meet the designed
capacity printed on the cells. It can be higher, if the cell was underrated, or it can be lower (especially true for
used or B- or C-grade cells).

Ideally, the capacity of the battery pack should be measured, and the actual number should be programmed
into the BMS. Therefore:

Cycle capacity = Actual measured capacity of the pack

There are several ways to measure the pack’s total capacity. The easiest way is to set the cycle capacity to
hook a known DC load up to the battery, and measure the amount of time it takes from full charge down to
cutoff. Ensure that the protection parameters are set before starting. Charge up to 100% (see the section on
top-balancing). Note the start time. Record the pack voltage in 15 minute intervals (this info may be used to
set the percent capacity voltages, later in this section). Record the time when the BMS protection circuitry
cuts off the discharge current.

Cycle capacity = Test load current (A) × Total run time (h)

NOTE: This parameter only affects the state of charge. If it is set too low, the state of charge will hit zero
percent before the battery is actually at zero percent. The state of charge percentage will never go negative

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Aug 27, 2020
Hi Archetype
at first nominal capacity then enter the rated capacity of the battery (ex 280ah). The BMS will display a projected capacity based on the cell thresholds you specify (20,40,60,80 percent voltage values) and will evaluate the projected capacity with each discharge cycle. The reset capacity resets the BMS's calculations over multiple discharge cycles.

Here I also attached a file about BMS instructions hope you can find more of what you look for in it file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Overkill_Solar_BMS_Instruction_Manual.pdf
That is the link to your computer C drive!