Does this work as a low cost low-temp cutoff solution?


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Jun 28, 2021
I have a small 12v LiFePO4 solar setup

100w Panel
16ah Miady 12.8v LiFePO4 Battery
12v 410W Inverter Schumacher brand
12v 30amp PWM Solar Charge Controller

I know my system has no low-temp cutoff, but I wired up a cheap 12v temp controller

to a 12v 30amp relay

Is this a valid workaround to add cheap low temp charging?

In my mind, theoretically the higher amps would run through the relay into the charge controller while the small wire temp controller would run off the low amp output on the charge controller.

I tested how many amps the temp controller uses and it was about 250 ma, so it should be disconnected when the solar panel is disconnected