Don't like Mod's editing threads. Edit: This topic not started by me. Topic created by moderator and my post moved to it.


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Jun 29, 2020
It’s really ok, I really like this forum and it’s helped me free myself from the invisible hand.
I didnt explain. Some of us are off-grid DIY cuz sick of the invisible hand thats getting worse and worse.
I’m sick of it too and want to serve my own needs because it’s incredibly clear that if I don’t, then it’s up for grabs and can disappear without due notice. Probably to the profit of someone I will never meet or know. Ouch. Looking at the MPPT charging a battery feels more cosmically correct than continuing to rely solely on multiple systems that are fragile and sometimes even user hostile.
So im saying ppl of all political views come here.
And the forum is profoundly better for it.
Its tough to grasp things fully with typing. My sister and I say same about texting.
I totally agree that text is a very narrowband way of communicating and it can be all too easy to incidentally re-contextualize the semantics in the absence of normal human communication cues. 🙂☮️

One forum I used had many more than four reaction emoji. That has pros and cons too. People have body language and it’s removed by the text medium.

Anyways, thank you


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Sep 21, 2019
Belmont, NC
Dang sweetie, seems that person hit a nerve. Hehe.

Rather ridiculous, and quite arrogant, to think one country's constitution is applicable to any portion of the global web. Embarrassed as USA vet to see that.

U know, like in some countries I, as a female, wouldnt even be allowed on web. Point is no one country's whatever overrides any website's guidelines. For example, ppl were abusing yahoo news comment section so yahoo just shut it down. News but u cant comment anymore.

I mean its pretty simple = abide by forum guidelines (code of conduct) or dont participate. Freedom to type whatever u want is irrelevant to being allowed to participate. Personally, anybody directing negative comments at a poster, I would ban. No playing. Hit the road.

Btw, didnt know this forum was about W Prowse. Im not a youtube watcher. Its a last resort. I had a solar problem and went there. His videos were 1st. Watched few but when didnt mention UL, left.

Anyway, I found this forum by accident. Found out later was created by Will. Was unaware generated revenue but ok whatever. Pretty much all sites do nowadays.

Stay on topic and take what u need, leave the rest. Simple.
This forum is created and funded by Will. As far as I know, there is zero revenue generated by it. All affiliate links are actively removed, and blocked by Will.
he goes to great strides to keep the forum pure. And he bans repeat offenders that try to use the forum to generate ads or whatever.

Just John

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Aug 15, 2020
This forum is created and funded by Will. As far as I know, there is zero revenue generated by it. All affiliate links are actively removed, and blocked by Will.
he goes to great strides to keep the forum pure. And he bans repeat offenders that try to use the forum to generate ads or whatever.
Yes, Will doesn't even want you to link to his monetized tools and equipment links.

I have used his links personally for some tools and equipment, because it costs me nothing and helps Will keep the forum running.

I ran a BBS in the 1980s and 90s, so I understand this forum really takes a LOT of time and effort to run. It is a great resource, and I am most appreciative of it.


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Nov 4, 2020
I owned a big forum back in the 90s, into the 2000s, we are talking 6,000 ACTIVE users, and was mod on several servers over the decades. For the longest time, the issues used to be the same, and almost always resulted due to lack for personal respect between members, and mods as well. Eventually I got tired of doing this job and declined any mod "offers".

About 4 years ago I started my own day trading chat server. I got tired of helping countless noobs in private messages and had to consolidate my support by mentoring them in a group, in a chat room.

Needless to say, the old mod question popped up at some point. But this time I decided against ANY admins or mods.

I used a loop in the chat server software to remove me from the owner / admin / mod groups. The only "user" that has its own group and admin / mod rights is a bot that I coded in Python. I can comment / warn / kick / ban people through the bot. Nobody knows who is talking through the bot. Most members don't even know that its my chat server. In the member list, my name is right between all other users. No admin patches or anything.

Every time somebody falls massively out of line, I write a funny comment through the bot, hinting that the member is over-doing it. This almost always results in some laughter and the member calming down soon after.

Over the years this none-aggressive and none-personal form of moderation has helped to grow an incredible group of traders. We talk about everything, very personal issues, political opinion and rants, the way it used to be back in the day when nobody would wet his panties over words and political correctness was unheard of. Meanwhile the level of respect within the group couldn't be better and many of us exchanged cell phone numbers, met in person, etc.

I don't even remember when I needed to use my bot the last time. My members can say what they feel like saying. If any get a bit aggressive, they soon calm down and apologize on their own.

This "Give a little - Take a little" concept works much better than any micro management like editing posts etc. Problem is that many mods never learned to guide a group into a positive direction, even when something negative happened. And in a worst case scenario, they are on a power trip. Seen it too many times on many forums.

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