EcoFlow Delta Battery + QCellc 405W Solar Panel: HOW TO?


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Jul 30, 2021
I need a temporary solution for the rest of the year and early spring, until I can have the funds & technical confidence (and ability) for a permanent solution. I have (4) QCell Q.PEAK DUO L-G7.2 405 405W Solar Panel already delivered to the cabin.

My understanding is that out of the Solar Generators in the market, ECOFlow Delta is the only one that offers open compatibility for solar panels. My plan is to purchase the Delta, mount (1) of the QCell panels on the backyard and run a cable to the Delta.

As simple as it may seem, I still need help with the following:

1. Will the QCell Q.PEAK DUO L-G7.2 405 405W work with the Ecoflow Delta 1260Wh? ( I suspect so but don't want to risk it!)
2. Is there a need for any device between the solar panel and the Delta, or just a straight connection?
3. Which cable extension is required for this connection? My understanding is that the QCell has a MC4 connector and the Delta comes with a "3.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Charging Cable". I will likely need an extension, since the panel will be temporarily mounted on the backyard. Could someone recommend an extension?

Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice!


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Jul 19, 2021
This looks like it would work. open circuit voltage is 49 which is less thank the recommended NTE 65 and the amps are at 10.23. I would feel ok using this panel, in fact I think it would be easier than the 4 (100 watt) I have in series parallel and has a smaller footprint.