Electric ATV replacement battery -> 3.2v 24s - Advice


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Hi there,

I am looking to revive an old Barefoot Motors Electric ATV from 2010, which used to run of a battery series of 24s x3.2v LiFePO4. Unfortunately these ATVs were shipped with a BMS that quickly became faulty and caused severe undervoltage to the cells and destroyed them.

The ATV has two motors, each powering front and rear wheels, and you can individually turn front wheels off.
I believe each motor is a 72v motor that is rated at 10kw, but can take bursts of current upto 300amps.

I'm want to make a new battery for the ATV, and thinking of using 24x 120Ah cells from Xuba, the standard aluminium case ones.
I've contacted Xuba and they tell me they are Higee cells. The discharge specs are 1C constant and 3C burst discharge, which appears to fit the characteristics of the motor well.
The old cells from the ATV were 24s 3.2v, 100Ah but capable of 3C constant.
I understand the new cells will be slightly underrated in terms of current, but I dont plan on using the ATV to the limit. Moreso for slow transport around the farm.

1. What do people think of the specified batteries for this purpose?
2. Any advice on which BMS to use?
3. Can a BMS limit the amperage given out from the batteries to say, 300amps?

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The BMS is purchased based on the rated charge/discharge, the number of cells it manages and the overall voltage.

The BMS I'm using is limited to a 120 amp discharge, manages four cells and uses 12v.

I would shop around and find cells more in line with what was OEM (or better). Pushing a cell too hard limits its life.