Electrodacus + victron GX device


Solar Enthusiast
May 29, 2021
I've been commenting in some other threads but think its time to start my own thread on this. I have a Victron multiplus 3000, victron mppt scc, victron battery monitor, and victron venus GX device currently powered by a Lithionics 330 ah lithium battery in my travel trailer. I am planning on replacing the battery with one built from 8 280 ah Eve cells and I am trying to determine what bms to use. Recently been looking at posts on the Electrodacus. My Venus GX manual says the GX can take input from from a CAN-bus connected battery, and then it will regulate charging by the SCC and Multiplus. So can the Electrodacus connect to the GX and work that way? I also don't know if the GX can turn off the inverter if the BMS tells it a cell has hit low voltage disconnect, but I'm pretty sure the multiplus can use a direct input from the Electrodacus to be turned off in that case. Lastly, I think the only other thing I would need is a Victron battery protect connected to the Electrodacus to disconnect DC loads if a cell hits low voltage?