EPEVER 40A MPPT Solar Charge Controller On Sale Today


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Hey All,

Not sure where to put hardware deals but I've been tracking the EPEVER 40 amp solar charge controller for some time now and it had a big price drop today.

$295.99 CAD
$233.78 USD

The typical price has been $379.59 CAD ($297.74 USD) so this a considerable savings if you are in the market for a this reliable product. It also comes with the MT50 display and all the other accessories for this price.

Hope this helps you deal hunters out there!

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Wow, the price dropped again today by another $5.00.

$290.99 CAD
$229.23 USD


@Professor Farnsworth - I would consider the US price but they nail us Canadian with shipping and import fees as with this listing which does not make it financially viable. I do have a US address but flight & COVID travel restriction costs (testing, hotel accommodations, etc.) are financial limiting factors to make it worth it.

$254.43 USD
$323.03 CAD